Frequently Asked Questions

Vukaplus is free for users.Listing accounts also get free registration in order to list on Vukaplus.Only successfully uploaded listings get billed as per the Vukaplus pricelist.Window shopping is free on Vukaplus. 

Update your profile then from your profile you can take the following actions:

  • Add new listings
  • Delete listings
  • Make payments
  • Edit Listings
  • Manage your leads does not allow pop up adverts to enable you enjoy a clean digital space as you window shop or weigh your options without distractions.Listings and Priority Adverts on Vukaplus are carefully moderated.

Vukaplus bridges the gap between your business/organization and the masses/market at the touch of a screen or a button consolidates all the possible options in a well organized user friendly platform for everyone's convenience.

Vukaplus is the most trusted digital space where users seek credible information about specific categories of listings namely;

Vehicles listings for hire

Vehicles listings for sale

Property listings for rent

Property listings for sale

Business listings

Service listings

Job listings

Priority adverts

Vukaplus enables you to reach millions of people through their computers and smart phones wherever they are at their own comfort

Vukaplus saves your business/organization the high cost of advertising on TV,radio,print and billboards/outdoors because our prices are very affordable very effective

Yes. Vukaplus does not store your financial information since you make payments through online payment gateways that are global and most secure in the world.

Go to my account, unpaid for listings will show as inactive listings and prompt you to make payments. Click to make payment then generate an invoice by selecting which listings you would like to settle and proceed to pay.

If you had generated an invoice earlier and is unpaid for ,click profile menu scroll down to my invoices then select any pending invoice you would like to settle and proceed to pay.

Your listings will automatically become active once payment has been confirmed.

Make payments using;

  • mobile payments like Mpesa
  • Visa card
  • Master card
  • PayPal account.

Photos at least 1-20 photos per listing 
Name of the categorized listing
Name of your business or organization where applicable
The price of the listing                               
Contacts details for your listing and or business / organization
GPS location of either your listing or your organization
Detailed description of the listing

Absolutely! works on all smartphones and internet enabled devices like computers tablets and laptops.Vukaplus app will be available soon on Android and Apple play  stores 

It is simple, visit click the  work with us button then simply hire yourself from wherever you are no interviews no physical meetings needed.You are free work anywhere anytime with very minimal guidelines.

All listings are available globally however users see listings around their region. Search can be done by location to specify specific region or country in the world.

Absolutely! Kindly scroll through the languages section and choose the most preferred language.

Each Vukaplus Agent has an Agent Card with a unique Vukaplus Agent Code (VAC) key in the Agent Code on Agent validator to validate Agent.

This is digital space provided for large advertisers at the top of the main pages.These odverts does not interfere with or overlap the visibility of your listings.

Vukaplus agents make 25% commission for each successfully uploaded and paid for listing using the unique Vukaplus Agent Code generated during self recruitment process.Payments are disbursed for amounts of USD 100 and above due to transfer costs involved. transforms businesses by providing a global digital space to affordably advertise;

  • vehicles listings
  • property listings
  • job listings
  • business listings
  • Service listings
  • Priority advertising also provides self employment opportunities for those who wish to work with us as commission based Agents.Prospective Agents can hire themselves online from wherever they are through automated Vukaplus recruitment tool at  work with us button


All payments for listings are made through payment options available on only. Vukaplus does not take cash payments.

Go to my account then profile scroll down to my listings click on the listing you want to edit then click update listing edit then click update to update your edits

Create or design a job poster to act as a cover photo . The rest of the photos should show what's like to work for the listed job for example work environment and employment activities in images .


Normal listings USD 30 for 30 days.

Normal listings USD 72 for 90 days.

Agency package (15 SLOTS ) at USD 70 for 30 days.

Agency package (15 SLOTS ) at USD 168 for 90 days.

Featured Listings home page USD 60 for 30 days.

Featured Listings home page USD 144 for 90 days.

Priority Advertising USD 1000 per day.